Which states have the cheapest prices on asphalt?

The most expensive asphalt in the country is in New South Wales, with a median price of $1,828 per cubic metre.

The cheapest asphalt in Queensland is in Western Australia, with the median price at $1.3 per cubic meter.

The Queensland government has said the state’s low cost of access to the grid is making it cheaper for businesses to use the asphalt, which is used to pave roads and provide power to homes and businesses.

“As a result, there’s been a decrease in the number of consumers purchasing asphalt from the grid,” Acting Roads Minister John Robertson said.

“There’s been an increase in the demand for the asphalt as a result of the new electricity demand.”

So we’re looking at the demand side of things and we’re doing a number of things to encourage the grid operators to put in their infrastructure.

“Mr Robertson said the government was also working with the industry to ensure new asphalt could be installed at a quicker rate, and would continue to work with the states to reduce the costs.