QPR to hire 200 more workers for its new turf-mixing factory

QPR will hire 200 people to work on its new Turf Mixing Factory, which will help the club to improve its surface-to-surface surface, according to a QPR spokesman.

The news comes after a long campaign to bring more people to the club and its new pitch, which is on the same site as the club’s existing ground.

According to the spokesman, the new factory will be used to create “better surface” for the pitch and its players.

“The club will be using the factory to improve the surface and the players will be able to see the better quality of the surface, which they will be playing on,” the spokesman said.

A QPR statement read: “The club’s ground is on an area of 2,000sq m and is the most important ground in the country, and the development of a better surface on the pitch will be critical for us to continue to compete at the top level of English football.”

The QPR Football Club has always sought to bring in more people and now it looks as though we have found a solution to that challenge.

“It is also important to note that the factory will not affect the ground itself, but will be brought in to the area for use by the players.”

This is the latest step in a long-term plan to create a better playing surface for the club, which includes working with local partners and supporting the local community.

“Last month, QPR’s Premier League rivals Leicester City announced that it would begin to use a turf-based surface in the future.

The club has previously said that it was working with the local authorities to try to improve their ground’s surface.

The first QPR-owned turf-mixed pitch in the Premier League, which opened in 2013, was installed in the ground’s new ground at Old Trafford in October 2015.