I had a big accident last night, I’m back in the hospital!

My big accident happened last night.

I’m not sure where I am anymore, but I’m in the ICU at a hospital in the U.S. This is happening because of the collision in the road.

The road was going down in the hills and I was in the back of a pickup truck, but at that moment the truck hit the grass and I ended up on the ground.

I am in a wheelchair.

I was paralyzed and had to have my arms amputated.

I can’t work and I have to rely on my family to support me.

At the hospital, I saw my mom, dad, and brother, and they said they’re fine, but the doctors said it would take a week or so before they could give me any information about my condition.

I need to get my medical records and have my surgery scheduled.

I’ve never had an accident like this, and I am still not completely sure where it happened.

I hope I can get back to work soon, and the doctors are confident I will recover.

But at this point, I need help from my family, friends, and community.

I would like to ask for your support, and if you are willing to donate, please consider doing so by donating to the IAVA Foundation.

It is important that people know that if someone is hurt and needs medical care, we are there for them and will help. Thank you.