How to make your driveway more resilient to water leakage

In India, many homes have a concrete slab in the driveway.

But it can leak and clog up, making it less safe to drive.

A new asphalt slab has been installed on the driveway and is permeable to water.

The Times of the India’s Pranjal Kumar Kumar reports on how the new slab works.

Rajesh Maitreya, deputy managing director of A.P.M. Homes, which is providing the slab, said, “The slab has a layer of gravel mixed with water that helps it to retain the water level.”

The slabs are permeable and will not leak.

Maitrey said it is expected to be installed by the end of this year.

He said the slab was installed in the parking lot of the house that is about 500 metres from the nearest road.

“It is not just a simple installation.

We installed it because of the number of incidents of water intrusion,” Maitres said.

“We have installed more than 10 meters of the slab so far.”

The slab was built with materials from the Mahindra Group, the parent company of India’s largest builder, Mahindru Group.

It was commissioned by the Delhi Development Authority in December 2017 and is expected be completed by 2021.

The slab is expected cost about $100,000.