Elon Musk unveils Tesla’s first electric SUV, called “Puck”  —and it’s going to cost $40,000 to buy [Engadget]

Musk’s $40 million electric-vehicle project called “The Puck” will offer up to a 200-mile range and has already been awarded funding.

It will be the first electric-car to have a full-electric drivetrain, but Musk said the electric vehicle is not a competitor to Tesla’s Model 3 or Model Y. He also said it will have a range of around 300 miles and will have battery backup and electric braking.

“Puck will be able to go 200 miles between charges,” Musk said during a recent earnings call.

“We have a battery pack that’s not much bigger than a football field.

So that’s an order of magnitude smaller than what you’d get from the Model 3, which has a battery size of roughly two football fields.

We’ve done a lot of things that are going to make that even smaller, and it’s actually a pretty cool thing.”

The Puck will have both a battery and electric drivetrain.

The Pucks goal is to make the car more like a truck than a sedan.

The car will be powered by a gasoline engine and a lithium-ion battery pack, Musk said.

It will also have a retractable roof and a retracting arm that will allow for “extensive cargo carrying capability.”

The Pucket is also being designed with cargo space at the heart of the design.

Musk said that if the company’s electric vehicles become mass-market, the Puck’s cargo capacity will go up.

While Musk’s announcement about the project may be a bit premature, the car has already begun to get some press attention, especially with Tesla’s $20 million buy of a vehicle with a similar shape.

The company’s Puck is a bit smaller than the Model X, but it’s still larger than a Toyota Prius and has a longer wheelbase, and Musk’s Pucket looks to be a big step forward in electric-mobility technology.

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