When you’re a contractor, the best way to pay your taxes is to hire contractors

Asphalt roofing contractors in India, where most of the country’s roads are paved, are often overlooked by the local government because they earn so little.

But a new survey by the government’s Land Acquisition and Development Authority (LADA) shows that contractors are getting more recognition in the country, as a growing number of people are turning to them to help out.

The survey by LADA’s survey division found that over the last five years, the number of contractors in the state of Kerala has increased by 15 percent, to 1,521, with the majority of them doing business in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

The LADA survey also found that the average annual salary of a contractor in the State was Rs 1.5 lakh, compared to Rs 1,300 in 2016.

This was even more than the Rs 1 lakh average salary earned by contractors in Gujarat and Telangana, which are also among the top 10 states in India.

The LADA also found a big increase in the number and size of companies in the industry in the past five years.

This increase is a result of several factors, said LADA Secretary-General Anil Shrivastava.

In Kerala, the state has a population of 1.3 million people, with a land area of over 7,300 square kilometers.

The average annual cost of a house for a family of four in the city is Rs 1 crore, he added.LADA’s study also found over 1,600 contractors were in service in the last financial year, up from 1,250 in 2015.

“The increase in business is in the field of construction, which is the fastest growing sector in the business,” Shrivasta said.

“The sector has been under pressure because of the shortage of contractors.

The construction industry is in dire need of investment and hiring more people, but contractors are being overlooked.”

While the government is still focusing on hiring contractors to build roads and bridges, Shrivash said the government will also look at opportunities to hire more engineers and specialists.

“If the government can hire more professionals to do construction work, the government would be better equipped to handle the massive demand that we are seeing,” he added, adding that the government was already in talks with a number of international firms to work with local contractors.