When will the asphalt shingle project be completed?

A year ago, construction began on a $4.2 billion asphalt pavement project on a small piece of rural Ohio farmland that is being used to pave the roadways of the state’s capital.

But now the project is being halted, and the state will have to wait until next year to finish it.

A few days ago, the Ohio Department of Transportation said that the project would be delayed until 2018 because of the ongoing construction of the interstate highway and state highways, and because of snow and ice conditions.

The department said that delays could be up to six months.

The delay comes as the federal government continues to work to finish the massive reconstruction of the Beltway that will replace the aging George Washington Bridge.

Construction on the new roadway is expected to begin next year.

A state study on the project was completed last year, but the study’s conclusions have not been released to the public.

The report was not released until last week.

The state of Ohio has been looking for an alternative to the existing bridge to keep the highway in service for years.

In the early 2000s, the federal Highway Trust Fund gave the state more than $5 billion to help finance the construction of two new bridges, the George Washington Memorial Bridge and the Ohio River Bridge.

But after the Bush administration cut funding to bridge construction in 2010, the state began to look for a way to finance the bridge project.

The Ohio Department for Transportation’s website states that the state is working with other states to find an alternative.

But there has been no official announcement about the possibility of a new project.