When a roof melts: a new cost for the asphalt industry

When you think about it, asphalt is a relatively cheap material, but it’s not a natural product.

It’s made of clay and can only be manufactured with the help of heat.

But this new cost has created a huge opportunity for asphalt producers.

“We are starting to see some new product and services coming out of this, but we need to be careful to avoid the extremes,” said Mark Reitz, managing director of New York-based asphalt company New York Insulation.

The asphalt industry has been a slow-growing part of the economy since the mid-2000s.

Reitz said that the industry was only around 5 percent of the total US economy at the start of this century.

It’s a big chunk of the US economy, and it’s a large chunk of our overall economy.

There are currently roughly 300,000 asphalt manufacturers in the US, according to Reitz.

New YorkInsulation manufactures asphalt in five states, and the company is expanding to create a new, larger market.

“This market is going to be the next big market, because we have more demand and more capacity,” Reitz said.

Asphalt is used in homes, commercial buildings, factories, and even in the United States military, where it’s used in a range of products.

One of the biggest applications for the material is in roofing, where asphalt has been used in building materials for years.

It can be used to make roof tiles, and is used to create asphalt slabs, tiles and asphalt molds, to name a few.

The materials also have a high-temperature stability, which makes them an ideal material for roofing projects, Reitz noted.

New YorkInsulator started out making asphalt for roofs, but that’s all changed, as it’s now making it for roofs for vehicles.

I think we’re going to see a lot of asphalt in vehicles for the next 10 years, Reiz said.

“Asphalt roofs are not just for roofs.

Asphalt roofs will be the basis for vehicle roofs for the foreseeable future.”

The new asphalt industry was born after New York Insurance sold its roof insurance business to US insurance company Allstate.

The company used the expertise it gained in its previous business to form a new company, New York Sun Protection, which focuses on asphalt.

In recent years, the company has expanded its offerings, including a new product that’s designed for the automotive industry.

The product, which uses asphalt to make it flexible and lightweight, is designed to replace traditional rubber and vinyl roofs.

According to Rezz, the new product is expected to be available in 2018.

“This product will not only reduce our asphalt demand, but also make our roofing customers safer because we can provide them with the flexibility of the asphalt without the risk of cracking or leaking,” he said.