What if you could be a superhero in your own house?

Five years ago, a couple of friends decided to build a home in the basement of their home.

After a few years, they got their own place and now they have a superhero.

FourFour Two asks what it would be like if you were a superhero? 

The couple, Jason and Megan, who live in a suburban Sydney suburb, bought a small home on a street in 2015 and were surprised to find that it wasn’t exactly their idea.

“When we first got the house up, we had no idea what the place would look like,” Jason told FourFour.

“It was a huge project to build this thing.”

When it came time to renovate, Jason said, he thought, “Well, this is what I’m going to build now, so it’s really easy to get started”.

A new set of plans was drawn up, but the real estate agent was more concerned about the new house’s aesthetics.

So, the couple turned to an old friend, a designer named Robyn, to help design the house.

They found Robyn’s website, and on the first day, she went to the home to design a few elements.

When she arrived, the house was already in place.

Robyn’s design, called “The Wonder House”, was completed in less than 24 hours.

Once completed, the project was a hit with friends and family, and the couple is now looking to make a bigger, more expansive version of their current house. 

“The house was really beautiful, we really liked it and thought, ‘Why not make a house for superheroes?'”

Jason told the ABC.

The Wonder Home has a number of unique features, including an expansive roof and a central deck.

But it has one major flaw.

It has no plumbing and requires a new shower.

For Jason, this was the first major hurdle.

“The first thing that really bothered us was we needed a new toilet,” he said.

As it turns out, there was a toilet in the existing house, but Robyn had left it to rot in the house for years.

That was when Jason, Megan and the two other members of the team came up with the idea to make the new home completely waterproof, using seaweed.

Jason said the seaweed project is a huge success, and he is now happy with how it turned out.

“I think the seaweeds have really helped it turn out,” he told FourFours.

After the seawater project, Robyn said she wanted to take her designs to the next level, so the team set about trying to create a home with solar panels on top.

“It’s really fun and challenging, but it’s also very rewarding because we’re able to build the house and the solar panels and the whole home and everything,” she said.

“We want to see how far we can take it.”

In total, the Wonder House is expected to cost about $20,000.

There is one more major challenge Robyn has to overcome before the Wonder Home can be completed.

While she said she would love to build more houses like the Wonder, she said that it would take a significant investment in money.

“If I had to invest $100,000, I would,” she told FourThree.

One of the most significant hurdles Robyn will have to overcome is funding.

In 2015, Robinsons family donated $1.5 million to help build the Wonder.

Now, the home is in the process of raising money for its next project.

And the project is just one of many projects the couple are working on, including building an outdoor theatre, a home theatre and an indoor theatre.

At the moment, Rob Wynns home theatre project is almost finished, and will open in 2021.