The first Indian construction site is under construction

By Rajesh Kumar | December 15, 2017 09:20:30As the construction of the first construction site in Kerala continues, the locals are starting to take a liking to the idea of this new town.

The new town, called Kailash, has been designated as a Special Economic Zone and is situated in the coastal area of the state.

The town is set to be the first new town in Kerala to be designated as an Industrial Zone.

According to the State Electricity Board (SEWB), the construction work for Kailahal has been underway for over two years.

It is expected that the town will be operational by 2019.SEWBs Director-General P S Sreenivasan said the town would be constructed by a consortium led by the Tamil Nadu State Power Corporation (TSPCC).

The town will feature several commercial establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, shops, a cinema and a hotel.

The new town is situated at a location just two kilometres from the Kailaseepalli town in the city of Alappuzha.

It will have a population of 1,500 and will have around 1,000 residential units.

The town will also feature a mall and a public housing complex.