The ‘asphalt jungle’ could be the next big thing in Australia’s roads

A road in Australia has been described as “asphalt” by some as it has been dubbed the “asphalting” of roads in the country.

The $6.5 billion asphalt highway was first revealed in 2013 and has now been described by a Melbourne City Council spokesperson as “a giant asphalt jungle”.

It has been labelled a “road” by many, with the term used to describe a section of road that is made up of asphalt.

“It is a huge chunk of asphalt,” a council spokesperson told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“It’s a really big piece of asphalt.”

Asphalt road The road has been in the planning stage for about 10 years, according to a spokeswoman for the council.

She said the road would be finished by 2023.

In a statement on its website, the council said the highway would be a “multi-modal, urban mixed use road”.

“The road will be an opportunity for drivers to enjoy a better experience of the CBD and the surrounding suburbs, and will be a significant economic driver for the city,” it said.

It said the council’s plan to open the road to the public was being reviewed.

As the city council website says, “the road will have a number of features, including an interchange, two lanes for traffic on one side, four lanes for pedestrians on the other, and a bike path on the eastern side of the road.”

It also said it had commissioned a project engineer to assess the impact of the asphalt road.

Roadworks and maintenance road A spokeswoman for Melbourne City Councillor Peter Leach said the roads were under consideration for a $3.5 million project to widen the road between Carlton and the CBD.

“There is also the maintenance of the existing road, which is already being done,” she said.

“There is still some work to do on the western edge of the city, but we are planning to get to the next stage in the project.”

She did not know if work on the road was expected to be complete by 2020.

Melbourne City Council spokeswoman Catherine Stokes said the project was still in the process of being funded.

“[The council] is working closely with the Roads and Maritime Services [RMS] and is aware of the project in progress,” she told ABC radio Melbourne.

However, she said the city had not yet had any discussions with any company involved with the project.

ABC Radio Melbourne reporter Mark Broughton said the $3 million project would see roadworks and road maintenance work done to the road and to an existing asphalt road on the city’s eastern edge.

Mr Broughson said he was “quite concerned” by the project and the council was not being upfront about the progress.

“I don’t think the council should be spending money to do a road project and then be left waiting for the roads to be built,” he said.

“It’s something that they need to be upfront about and let people know when it’s going to be done.”

If they’re not doing that upfront, I’m not sure they should be doing this.

“Melbournians are concerned about the project ABC Melbourne’s Mark Boughton asked if the road could be closed at night for maintenance, particularly after dark.

Ms Stokes told him the city was “working closely” with the RMS to ensure the road remained open and would continue to be inspected at regular intervals.

Another councillor said the “road is not for the faint of heart”.”

The idea that we could put asphalt on it and say that it’s an asphalt jungle is not something that I’d be comfortable with,” the councillor said.

The road would cost $1.5bn and be the second-largest road in the city.

Earlier this month, the city confirmed the cost of the construction would increase to $3bn, to accommodate the $1bn road, and that it was also looking at other options to build a road on an existing road.

The project was initially meant to be completed by 2025, but was pushed back by a few years to 2023, after which it would have been completed.