Modern asphalt tack cost £7.60, with an added $7.50 for a single strand

The cost of modern asphalt tack has doubled since 2000, to £5.60 per strand, with the additional cost of the extra strand added to the cost of a single metre of strand.

This is a £6.80 price tag, but the additional strand costs £1.60 (as opposed to £0.40 per strand), which is the difference between a strand of 20 metres and a strand which is just 5 metres long.

This is an average of the two costs of strand, and it shows that the extra cost of strands has increased by around a third, and this has made it the most expensive strand available on the market.

Modern asphalt tack, as the name suggests, is a synthetic substance made of a mixture of aluminium and plastic.

It is a highly flammable substance which can be easily ignited by electricity.

It can be found in the form of plastic sheeting, or it can be made from a variety of other materials, including cardboard, metal, glass, and plastic bottles.

Modern asphalt is used to make a variety isinglass, a type of construction material, which is commonly used in building projects.

The construction material is used as the foundation of concrete or cement, which has a wide variety of uses.

It can also be used to insulate buildings, and can be used in buildings that are not designed to withstand the temperatures required to withstand fire.

The average price of modern asphalts in 2018 is around £5, while it was £3 in 1999.

It would be interesting to know what other strands cost, and how much more expensive they were than what you’re paying today.