How to save yourself from a roofing defect

When you see a shiny new roof, you’re probably thinking, “Oh my God!

How do I fix it?”

But the answer is simple: Just use a little bit of your own ingenuity.

Here’s how.


Use your own roofing sealant First of all, be sure to get the right sealant.

It helps prevent moisture from infiltrating and spreading into the roofing, a problem that can result in cracked and pitted tiles and a roof that’s prone to cracking.


Use a sealant that seals your floor tiles and roof tiles together First of the three roofing sealing methods, sealing is the most important.

The more moisture that reaches the roof, the more likely it is to crack and crumble.

And, as mentioned earlier, the harder it is for moisture to reach the roof tiles, the less likely it will be to seal them.

For that reason, the most effective way to seal your tiles is to use a sealer that seals them all together.


Use high-quality waterproofing sealer Make sure you use the highest-quality sealer you can find.

A high-performance waterproofing material can last a lifetime, so it’s important to use it with care.

It should be able to withstand an amount of water equivalent to the floor tiles in your home.

And if it does break, you can always repair it yourself by soaking it in a spray-on sealer.