Which suppliers are the best to buy from in 2018?

By Sarah CrouchNews24.comIt may be a new year, but the demand for asphalt has only just begun.

The industry is in a state of flux as it deals with a major recession, the introduction of the carbon tax and a new generation of electric vehicles.

So which suppliers are going to get the best of it in 2018 and what will you need to buy?

The Australian Government has released a list of the major suppliers of asphalt for 2018, which has been compiled by Australian Transport Workers Union and the Australian Association of Metalworkers.

The list includes major carmakers such as Toyota, Holden, Nissan and Honda, but also suppliers such as Alstom and PetroChina, and also major tyre and power supply companies like Kymco and NXP.

The ATSU says the list is designed to help those wanting to buy asphalt to ensure they get a good deal, while also giving some manufacturers a leg-up on others.

“It’s a great way for people to understand what the biggest names are doing, so we can make an informed decision,” ATSVU spokesman Chris Anderson said.

“For the major car manufacturers, there are a couple of big names we know we should buy, but we don’t want to buy them all.”

The list was compiled by ATSUnions union and the ATSWU.

It includes major tyre suppliers like Kynar, Patagonia, BSA and others, as well as major power supply suppliers like CSP and S&P.

In terms of vehicles, the list of major suppliers includes Toyota, Ford, Honda, Ford Motor, Toyota, Kymcorp, Ford Group and General Motors.

It also includes major power suppliers such ASX and Mitsubishi.

The top-tier brands, which are also on the list, include Alstam, PetroChina and KymCO, while the major tyre supply companies are also listed.

The industry is still recovering from a major slump in the market in 2017.

The carbon tax took effect in July and the introduction, which was predicted to boost the economy, has had a massive impact on the industry, which relies on emissions trading.

“We’ve been expecting the carbon price to hit our economy pretty hard, especially since we’ve had the carbon levy in place for a while,” Mr Anderson said.””

We have the lowest number of vehicles on our roads since 2009.

“Mr Anderson says there is still a good supply of asphalt to be had.”

The supply is quite limited right now.

There are a few suppliers out there and a couple that have been around for a number of years,” he said.

But for those who want to get a better deal, there is a small supply of high quality asphalt available from a few different manufacturers.”

In the short term, the main suppliers of high-quality asphalt will be those with a reputation for quality and durability,” Mr Andrews said.

He said the industry would also have to work harder to maintain a supply of quality asphalt.”

A lot of it is down to the supply chain,” he told the ABC.”

If there’s a good supplier, it may be that there’s not enough demand, so they’re going to have to produce more.

“That’s what happens when there’s more supply, so you’ve got more production.”

It will be interesting to see what the industry does in the coming years.