When the sun sets on asphalt shingle installation

A new installation is taking shape in the parking lot of a local business in New Hampshire.

The city of Bristol has installed asphalt shings on parking lots, on roads, and on sidewalks.

The installation will cost $25,000 to $35,000.

The city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, installed the shingling system on its main roads.

The system was created in collaboration with a local contractor.

The shinglings are designed to slow the spread of road debris, according to Bristol City Council.

The shinglers were installed along Interstate 80 in Bristol in late August.

The contractor for the installation, Avant Gardens, said the shingle system was not only safe, but it was cost-effective.

The City Council says the system was the best option to prevent road debris from spreading.

The City Council said the asphalt shard installation is expected to last about five years.