Landlords pay thousands of dollars for rental cars in Texas

The cost of renting an automobile can be quite high, even for homeowners.

In the past year alone, Landlord Insurance and Insurance Services Inc. has paid $3.9 million to renters who bought rental vehicles in the state.

While that represents just over 1% of the $9.5 million it has paid to renters in Texas since 2004, it is still a sizable amount for renters who typically pay $4,000 per month for their own vehicle.

The cost can often be a huge hurdle for renters, who often must negotiate a rental agreement that includes a lot of terms that may or may not be in their favor.

The average cost of a rental car in Texas is between $3,000 and $6,000.

That’s a lot for a newbie, who may not have any previous experience or know what they’re getting themselves into, according to Susan Linn, a property manager with, a rental insurance company in Austin.

Linn said renters often have to negotiate with insurance companies before they get a rental license.

She said it can be difficult to negotiate a lease for a rental vehicle.

“Some landlords will be very reluctant to give you a lease,” Linn told ABC News.

“It’s really hard to negotiate for that kind of a lease, especially if they know you’ve never been in a rental before, and if they’re really good at negotiating.”

A typical lease in Texas would include: Rent a car, with an agreed upon mileage rate.