‘I can’t believe it’: NYC ‘s biggest asphalt project could take a toll on the environment

In this April 23, 2017, file photo, a parking garage at the Manhattan Beach Town Center is seen in Long Island City, N.Y. Many local residents worry the city’s biggest asphalt construction project could cause a major environmental impact.

But the new project, the largest in New York City’s history, has been a boon to the city, and the new asphalt is expected to provide millions of dollars in economic activity.

(AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File) But many local residents have questioned whether the city should have done the project at all.

The project, which is still under construction and slated to begin in the coming weeks, was approved by New York’s Board of Supervisors in June 2017 after an environmental impact statement.

But residents who have fought the project in court, and have been fighting the city for years over the project, are now pushing the city to cancel the project.

They say the city could lose millions of jobs and billions of dollars if the project is built.

A lawsuit filed by more than 40 residents, businesses and other community groups in December claims that the project would be detrimental to the environment and that the city did not consult residents and affected residents before approving the project and its $1.9 billion price tag.

The lawsuit was also filed by residents of the East Harlem community, which has long complained about the cost of construction of the project on the Upper East Side.

The lawsuit seeks to stop the city from going ahead with the project even though a judge has agreed to allow the project to go ahead.

The environmental impact report is due by April 30.

It estimates that construction on the new concrete project will generate about 16,000 new jobs and create as many as 20,000 permanent construction jobs, the Associated Press has reported.

“This is a massive project that is going to impact the city,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said at the time.

“This is the largest urban project in the history of New York.

We’ve seen some really big projects, but this is a really big one.

It’s a great project that’s going to be here for a long time.”

But the New York State Environmental Conservation Commission, which regulates construction of asphalt, said it would not make a ruling on the suit until the legal process is completed.

The new asphalt will be installed in the borough of Manhattan Beach, home to some of the citys largest businesses, including the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Hilton.

The Manhattan Beach town council approved the project last year in a 5-1 vote, with a small majority of the council voting in favor of it.

The project has also generated debate in the community, with some residents voicing concerns that the asphalt is not safe for the environment.

A New York state judge in March ordered the city and contractor to make improvements to the asphalt and submit an environmental report by April 1.