How to fix your lawn

By Michael W. Smith and Lisa M. Hahn, Associated PressAs the season heats up, lawns across the country will have to be greener.

But with the number of lawns on the road and the need for more energy, we can’t afford to be a nation of lawn mowers.

It’s time to get rid of them, according to a new report by the American Council of Lawnmowers.

In the United States, nearly 40 million acres of land are used to grow lawns.

That number will reach 60 million by 2025, according the report, which was released Friday.

The problem is, there are not enough people who can actually grow them, especially in the Southwest and Midwest.

That’s why the report calls for a program to make more efficient and effective lawn mowing machines available.

The program would provide affordable, easy-to-use machines that can cut grass with ease.

They could also be used to clean up dead grass and improve the quality of grass in fields, says the report.

The study also recommends the government encourage the construction of more greener streets and sidewalks.

The report said a national highway system should be constructed that is connected to major urban areas.

The report also recommends increasing the number and speed of vehicles on our roads and sidewalks to reduce congestion.

In addition, it recommends a national program to reduce the cost of transportation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.