High-end car companies spend billions on asphalt to make their vehicles look like concrete

The high-end auto industry has spent billions of dollars to make its vehicles look as if they are concrete.

The company that manufactures these vehicles has a contract with the city of Houston to use concrete in their vehicles.

But the contractors that do the work, including Houston-based Lowe’s, are paid a commission.

According to an investigation by Houston’s ABC News affiliate KPRC-TV, contractors in the oil and gas industry pay an hourly rate of more than $8 per hour, compared to the average hourly rate in the state of Texas of $6.60.

In an email sent to ABC News, Lowe’s said its contract with Houston City Council “gave us the opportunity to take advantage of the city’s generous tax incentives for businesses to install and maintain their infrastructure.”

“We are happy to work with City Council to ensure our customers’ safety and property values are protected,” the email said.

Lowe’s also said the city “encourages all construction projects to comply with all city ordinances and regulations and that contractors are encouraged to adhere to city codes and regulations.”