How to build a fully electric vehicle with a solar roof

Posted March 25, 2018 05:59:24The world’s largest solar farm in China has just completed its first of five phases and is now ready to be deployed.

It was originally supposed to be finished by 2020 but has been delayed several times, according to the China Academy of Renewable Energy.

The solar farm, dubbed “SolarCity” by the Chinese government, is a massive facility that will produce almost 40 gigawatts of power.

Its capacity is expected to reach nearly 100 gigawatts.

The plant, which was built on land formerly owned by the state-owned energy company Xinhua, will produce nearly 80 gigawatts in total.

The company will install an array of 4,000 solar panels that will power about 5,000 homes in a village called Hanyang, according the state news agency Xinhua.

The project will be financed by Chinese investors who will purchase the land for free.

The farm will use the sun’s rays to generate electricity, as well as a solar cell that will be placed in the roof of the farm to provide heat.

The sun will also be used to generate hydrogen fuel cells, according Xinhua’s news release.

SolarCity is the first solar farm that is being built in China and is expected in 2021 to be the world’s biggest solar project.

The facility will be capable of producing about 40 gigawatt-hours of power, Xinhua said.