‘Bizarre’ car ‘can fly, even when parked on the street’

A bizarre car with the air-brake disabled has gone viral.

The vehicle, a Bentley Bentayga, was spotted on YouTube in a YouTube video of a street car driver parked on a sidewalk.

The video shows the vehicle accelerating at a speed of up to 100mph on a paved road, which was apparently the case for the car’s owner, a man from China.

A YouTube user with the name TheSillyBartender has posted a video of the car, with his car parked in the same spot as the Bentley Bentays.

In the video, the driver is seen getting out of his car and pushing the accelerator hard.

The Bentley Bentaya is a four-door hatchback with an engine rated at 4,200bhp, a maximum speed of 115mph and a claimed range of 3,000km.

The owner said it was a normal car, and he was not sure if it had been disabled by the wind, but said the car would not have gone down the road on its own.

However, the car can fly, and its air brakes work even when the vehicle is parked on pavement.

The driver of the Bentley said the stunt is one of many stunts he has done to impress his friends, and it is not unusual for people to be curious about his stunts.

He said he had driven a Bentley for a year and had seen some people take it for a test drive.

“I did it for the first time this week on the road, but I can see it is a very weird car, because it’s so weird, I think,” he said.

“The air brakes are on, and the car is going really fast.”