How to install a new road on a city street

A new road could be the answer to Washington’s congestion problem.

A group of local experts are calling for the installation of asphalt roads on the city’s street system to help ease traffic.

The asphalt road would be laid out in a grid pattern that would resemble the streets of Chicago.

The road would stretch from an intersection to a curb.

The experts say it would help ease congestion in the city, as cars and trucks could use a single street to travel across the city without having to use two different highways.

The streets of Washington would remain in their current grid arrangement, but the road would include wider lanes for cars and slower speeds for trucks.

The group’s proposal would require that the road be built at least 50 feet wide and at least 25 feet high.

It would also require the asphalt to be laid along a grid that would have at least three lanes.

The proposal is part of a larger effort by local leaders to encourage the city to improve its road system.

In addition to the proposed new roads, the group is proposing a variety of other changes to the city.

It wants to see the city add sidewalks, more bike lanes and more transit stations.

The groups goal is to have the new asphalt roads in place by 2020.